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BYNV BAMIDBAR (Numbers) Audio Download

BYNV BAMIDBAR (Numbers) Audio Download

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Digital Download Version: This is an audio recording of Bamidbar, also referred to as Numbers.  Translated by Lew White and read by Adam White.  It chronicles the complete journey of the children of Yisharal, cataloging their clans and possessions, and the lands they will inherit.  Our Father gave many commands as well, to guide His people as they strive against the inhabitants of the land that was promised to them.  In their struggles, we can also find hope. 

He did not abandon His people then, nor will He do so now.

(Note from narrator:  I found many of these passages to be very powerful, and in a book that some often overlook in Scripture.  I hope these are brought out to you as well, as our Father guides us to new understanding in our lives.  It certainly did for me.)

Duration: approx. 4 hours

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