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Spiritual Captivity is a book to help family members understand why we have changed after finding out that our traditions come from paganism. It will help to avoid arguments at family gatherings, and it’s presented in a pleasant, neutral way. It will encourage a reader to ask more questions, and build up their respect for Truth.

The last days of man’s rule are here. As we search for Truth, we find the systematic adoption of forbidden practices embedded in every facet of our lives. The promotions of them are seen as seasonal celebrations in the stores we shop in, and they propel the world economy by the purchasing of gifts.
The practices are reinforced by schools and the media advertising of them.
It’s time to wake up, and come out of the delusional fog we find ourselves in. The printed and eBook versions are available at amazon.

Visit Lew White’s authors page at amazon to “Look Inside” all of his books.
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