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This book will open your eyes and ears. Last Natsarim book by Lew White explains who the First Natsarim were, and how far mankind fell from their teachings. The Last Natsarim live exactly like the First Natsarim lived. The Last Natsarim are now here to bring the final warning to all mankind in the end-times. We are the first-fruits, ambassadors raised up in the end-times to announce the coming of the reign of Yahusha. The beginning is near, and the reign of Babel is soon to disappear and be forgotten forever. The Earth is to be cleansed, and the Last Natsarim are calling for the last time for men to be restored to favor with Yahuah. Yahusha did not teach anyone to live in disobedience, or to call Him by another name.

Natsarim don't eat unclean animals, or touch their carcasses. We rest on the Shabath from evening to the following evening. We rest in our dwelling (remain at home), and desist from buying selling on Shabath.

The Kindle eBook is loaded with active links for further study and research endorsed by the author. In its first month at, Last Natsarim was named best new-release in the category of comparative religion and currently has a 5-Star rating.
“Look Inside” the book at Lew White’s author’s page at Any of Lew White’s books can be downloaded as an eBook in seconds if you have the Kindle app, and Alexa can read them aloud for you.

Last Natsarim book by Lew White provides insight into Yahusha’s real followers, and how to identify them.
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