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TRUTH Or TRADITION: The Transformation of Paganism

TRUTH Or TRADITION: The Transformation of Paganism

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110 pages, illustrated

Truth is the mortal enemy of tradition. Truth is reality, but tradition is religion. Therefore, Truth is a threat to religion. Yahuah’s Scripture of Truth is the ultimate way to test everything we believe. If Scripture doesn’t teach it, then it originates from men’s imaginations, and should not be taught. No one can find the teaching in Scripture of a Sunday Shabath, sacraments, eating unclean animals, indulgences, celibacy, holy water, statue veneration, an annual observance of Yahusha’s birth, or the word Easter. Most everything that is taught is ignored, including the Covenant, or Ten Commandments that define sin and teach us how to love. Everything that is encouraged is tradition. Truth is logical and legal (lawful), and unchanging. Tradition is programming to perform what is unlawful.

This book is written to awaken those who are sleeping, misled by pastors who have been unwilling to speak Truth. It will equip you to challenge Christian pastors to be restored to Truth. If a person asks their pastor, "Do you teach Truth?", they will respond in the affirmative. And yet, if the next question is "Do you believe December 25th was the night the Mashiak was born?", they will begin to show their "cracked cisterns". Cracked cisterns don't hold water. When traditions are exposed to be make-believe and powerless to help us, fear leads to anger, and anger leads to the awakening. To wake up from a bad dream, we sometimes have to experience great fear. Paganism from the Sumerian culture (Babel) became imprinted on all humanity and scattered around the whole world. The confusion of languages was so powerful and effective, it remains to this day. The imprinted paganism from Babel is present also. Traditions are basically habits, and they behave much like an infection. They cling to the basic building-block of civilization: the family unit, and pass from parents into the children. This book will discuss how pagan traditions transformed into seemingly innocent habits, yet the "DNA" of the underlying paganism is still there. Prepare for the coming of Yahusha. If they do not repent of tradition, they will perish.

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